Heavy lorries in Clare

All too regular: large lorries blightng Clare

Graham Newman, the county council’s portfolio holder for Roads and Transport, visited Clare at my invitation on Friday 12 July.

I took him on a tour of the town and we walked down to Stour Valley Community School to meet pupils who had undertaken a travel to school survey. The council has a sustainable travel to school strategy policy yet at Clare because of the traffic out of 350 students only 15 walk to school and none cycles. We then had a short but productive meeting with members of Clare Town Council and the Stour Valley Lorry Action Group.

Some people doubt the campaigners claims that much of the problems in and around Clare are caused by lorries using the A1092 as a short cut to and from Felixstowe and the M11. But town councillor Margaret Godwin produced this evidence – taken only the day before the meeting.