Why speeding matters

speeding carsSpeeding traffic is the issue most often raised by residents of rural West Suffolk.
So I am pleased that speed limits are the focus of the first inquiry by the county council’s new Roads and Transport Policy Development Panel, which I am chairing. We are starting by developing policy criteria for 20mph limits in towns and rural communities. We aim to get this completed by the end of the autumn. We have had our first meeting and will resume again in September when we are going to visit various places across Suffolk which already have 20mph in place so we can see how it works. Panel members also want to visit communities currently campaigning for 20mph.
We are going to ask interested organisations such as the police to come and meet us and I have suggested that we send an invitation to Rod King MBE, the founder of the successful national 20’s Plenty For Us Campaign. After we have looked at 20mph we will review 30mph, 40mph, 50mph and potentially 60mph