Every little bit helps…

Cowlinge village hall
Cowlinge village hall

County Councillors in Suffolk are each allocated a small pot of money they can distribute in their divisions to support local communities. My Locality Grant for this year is £12,000 and I have already made several awards:

£300 to Clare Swimming Club which took over the pool at Stour Valley Community School for four weeks over the summer holidays during which time more than 1,250 people enjoyed a swim. This summer’s brilliant weather and the grant has ensured the group is now on a firm financial footing for next summer.

£1,000 to Cowlinge Parish Council towards the project to replace the rotten flooring in the village hall.

£80.15  for netting to Cavendish Community Orchard. This lovely project saw an orchard planted in late 2011. The first full crop of apples and pears are nearly ready and the plan now is to expand and plant soft fruits, which will be netted along with the cherry trees.

£750 to Suffolk Accident Rescue Service towards the purchase of a mulit-parameter meter for the Withersfield-based SARS team. This potentially lifesaving piece of kit will enable the team to improve their levels of patient care when responding to serious incidents in the Withersfield area. It will be used to monitor patients under sedation, help re-start the heart and measure oxygen levels in the blood. Purchasing this high-tech meter enables the charity to free up kit worth about £4,500 to extend their invaluable service to a new volunteer based in Great Bradley