Highpoint Estate … the fight goes on

Although the Ministry of Justice has rejected the appeal Matthew Hancock and I made for it to honour its obligations and repair the roads and street lights … the fight goes on.

In a letter to Matthew, Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright,  says responsibility for the maintenance of the estate infrastructure passed to the residents when they  bought their homes  from the Home Office.

However, the residents association insists that many householders’ terms of purchase stated that the prison service retained the liability for the upkeep of the roads and street lights. They paid annual contributions to the prison service but the work was never done.

The hunt is on now for documentary evidence to support the residents – so if you live on Highpoint Estate any evidence to show you paid or that the Home Office retained responsibility for the road maintenance, please let me know so that I can build up a dossier we can take to the MoJ to prove our case.