Meetings Today

Tuesday 21  January: I am helping out at a session on political awareness for SCC council staff being run from 12noon to 2pm at West Suffolk House. The programme is part of the professional development scheme ASPIRE promoted by SCC Chief  Exec Deborah Cadman.

The idea is to give council staff the opportunity to increase their political skills, knowledge and experience and so benefit their day to day work. During the session I will be meeting my new Our Place officer Emma Case. I am really looking forward to that as it will be great to get on with some of the community projects that need to be tackled in the Clare Division.

Tuesday afternoon: I am meeting parents Zoe and Martin in Cavendish who are worried about the safety of children crossing the road  when they get off the school bus by The George.

Tuesday evening: Hawkedon Parish Council where no doubt the issue of the turbine will be under discussion.