Will the jet wash work?

As long as I have lived in Stansfield the lane to the village hall has flooded.

A few years back the local farmer, Phil Dennis, had the ditch above the lane dug out but still after heavy rain the pipe under the road would be unable to cope and water would flooded the road.

Flooded lane at Stansfield Village Hall
Flooded lane at Stansfield Village Hall

This made it very unpleasant for people walking to events at the hall as well as damaging the surface of the lane.

More seriously, excess water runs down the lane and into Lower Streets flooding down the side of the road and creating a nasty hazard on a frosty morning.

Phil had the ditch dug out again by Tony Hunnable at the turn of the year. Yet again the lane flooded. 

So,yesterday highways brought in subcontractors to jet wash the gulley under the road and the drain leading away from the lane… Let’s hope it has works!