Our Turbine Protests Paid Off!

The combined pressure from Hawkedon and Stansfield Parish Council and me has paid off! I have just heard from Ian Gallin, Chief Executive of St Edmundsbury, that  the council is seeking a third party review of the officer’s decision not to require an EIA.

Thanks to advice from my County Council colleague Jessica Flemming, a leading environmental consultant, I was able to argue that it was contradictory of the officer’s report to conclude there was no need for an EIA although it acknowledged the severe impact a turbine would have on the lanscape.

We are still fighing for local democracy. Yesterday the council’s cabinet agreed that the proposed Statement of Community Involvement (SCI),  include the requirement: ‘Where a screening opinion is requested under the Environment Impact Assessment Regulations we will place the opinion on the public register and website and notify the relevant Town or Parish Council when it is made and the Local Ward Member(s) be informed via the Members’ Bulletin once an Environmental Impact Assessment request has been made by the Council.’

This still has to be approved by full council but it  seems to fall some way short of our demand that local people are informed when a request is made