Highpoint garages – what are the MoJ up to now?

Residents were bemused to find that the MoJ has stuck notices on the garages around the estate which in some cases asked the user to confirm ownership and in others ordered the user to clear out their property and vacate the garage by the beginning of March. In at least one case an eviction order was served on a resident who owns the garage …

On behalf of the residents I wrote to the MoJ challenging their actions and asking why they are doing this … today we found out. I had a letter saying

“We have been contacted by the establishment with regards to moving forward with the disposal of the remaining garages in our ownership. 

 To help assist with this process an up to date copy of the Land Registry title plan showing our title and the garages in our ownership was sent to the Establishment along with two notices. 

 The first notice requested the occupier to contact me within a given time, the prison was asked to place these notices on the garages according to the plan supplied showing those still in our ownership.  The second notice was for them to vacate the garage, it was requested that this notice was not to be erected on the garages until I had instructed them.

 I have since been contacted by some residents claiming they had previously purchased the garage and some wishing to purchase the garage they are occupying. 

 We are presently going through the process of confirming ownership by recalling from storage copies of the conveyances of those occupants whom have contacted me.

 It may come to light after further investigations that the notices were placed on the wrong garages, and they did not follow the land registry plan correctly.  If this is the case I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

 Once we have ascertained which garages are in our ownership we will be looking to dispose of them by auction or to the occupiers, a decision is yet to be made at this stage. 

So the notices have gone out at the wrong time, and despite conducting a similar exercise only six years ago MoJ doesn’t know who owns which garage. Does it have accurate records of what it owns and is it really sure it doesn’t own any of the estate roads?