A Robot Shop for Thurlow?

 When the children of Class 2 at Thurlow Primary School went for their geography walk recently they were shocked at how much litter and dog mess they saw in the village.  

They talked in class with their teacher Miss Meechan about the problems they had seen and came up with lots of suggestions about how to put things rights. They wrote to Suffolk County Council to explain their idea and ask for help putting them into action.

As the local county councillor I was only too pleased to help. I met the children, went on a follow up walk with them so they could show me the problems and tell me more about their ideas.

I am not sure I can do much about the excellent plan:

“to have a shop that sells robots that pick up litter then the people of the village could use the robots to help them.”  

But I am sponsoring a competition for them to design posters asking dog owners to clear up after their pets.

Peter Thomas and Keith Bunting, the chairmen of Great and Little Thurlow Parish Councils, will be joining me to judge the poster competition in early March.  I am arranging for a batch of dog poo bags to be available at the village shop. The children and their families have also been invited to join in the annual litter pick.