New 20mph policy for suffolk approved

 The policy paper setting the criteria for 20mph schemes across Suffolk was approved by the county council’s cabinet yesterday. The report was produced by the Road and Transport Policy Development Panel, which I chair. It was a true piece of cross-party work

Our key recommendations are:

Unless in exceptional circumstances, locations will not be considered for 20mph schemes where any of the following apply: 


1. They are on A or B class roads.

2. Have existing mean speeds above 30 mph.

3. There is no significant community support as assessed by the local County Councillor.

In assessing community support, Councillors should review the views of District, Town and Parish Councils and give weight to petitions and local residents’ views.

 Locations will then only be considered for 20 mph limits or zones if two out of three of the following criteria are met: 

  1. Current mean speeds are at or below 24 mph

  2. There is a depth of residential development and evidence of pedestrian and cyclist movements within the area.

  3. There is a record of injury accidents (based on police accident data) within the area within the last five years.

 Locations within conservation areas and other areas of high visual amenity will not normally be considered suitable for sign only 20mph limits unless there will be minimal adverse visual impact. In these areas any 20mph restrictions will normally be through 20mph zones.