A to Z of Recycling

The Suffolk Waste Partnership, a joint enterprise of the County, District and Borough Councils, is urging residents to “Waste Less and Save More”.

However, if you are like me, you don’t always know how to dispose of things in the best way. To help us all a new A-Z of Recycling has been launched.  This should help us to reduce waste, dispose of unwanted items correctly,  and save (taxpayers’) money. 

 Apparently,  it cost the Suffolk taxpayer £ 3.5 million to dispose of recyclable items that ended up in landfill in 2013.

Given the amount of budget cuts we are facing I can think of many better ways to spend £3.5 million in Suffolk than on dumping recyclable items in landfill. Truly, what a waste!

The A-Z of Recycling, a searchable directory, just added to Suffolk Recyling website, allows the user to find out how to reduce, reuse and recycle everyday household items. Covering everything from nappies to nintendos; batteries to bicycles and ‘aerosols to zithers’; residents can discover the best way to get rid of items they no longer need.


There is also information on textile recycling and advice on composting and other ways to reduce food waste.

I did my own bit to tackle fly tipping and recyclimg all in one hit the other week. Some anti-social soul dumped two car tyres on the verge by the village hall here in Stansfiled. I have reclaimed them, hosed them down, put them behind my workshop office, filled them will soil and will be using them to grow carrots.

The A-Z of Recycling can be found by going tohttp://www.greensuffolk.org/recycling/a-z-of-recycling/