Don’t Panic … But Know What To Do In An Emergency

sandbags2I went to a training session recently to learn more about the key role councillors have in contributing to the council’s actions in preparing for, responding to and recovering from such emergencies. The session was run by Neal Evans, SCC’s Emergency Planning Officer. He took us through a discussion on how the county had fared in the storms and an exercise on responding to a plane crash over Suffolk.


He told us how in emergencies many people are not always aware of what to do or where to get help. For starters, many people are unaware that these days local councils do not hold stocks of sandbags to distribute to householders. This is because sandbags do not actually stop water getting into your house and if they are used in foul water there can be tremendous problems disposing of the contaminated sand.

To help local people make sure they are prepared in future, I can obtain copies of the Suffolk Joint Emergency Planning Unit’s ‘self-help emergency guidelines’. These are in the format of an  information sheet which folds up into a  nifty little pack with a magnet so that it can stick to your fridge. If you would like one for your fridge – please let me know.