Brilliant Energy From Waste Project

I had a tour of Suffolk’s brilliant energy from waste facility at Great Blakenham last Friday. It is at this site that  from 1 December, all our black bin rubbish will be burned rather than being dumped in landfill.

It was a really inspiring visit. Cliff Matthews, the regional manager for SITA UK,  who are developing the facility, is clearly a man totally in love with his job. The enthusiasm and commitment shone through.



The incinerator will generate electricity to power about 30,000 homes. The facility uses the latest technology to dispose of the waste amazingly efficiently and in a  highly environmentally friendly manner: all the residues are recycled; the steam generated by the process powers a turbine to produce the electricity, the gasses generated are cleaned before being emitted, and the residue from that process is recycled; some of the heat generated is going to be used to heat 17.5 hectares of glasshouses in which tomatoes will be grown and the remainder is likely to be used to run cooling units for a data store and a food processing plant.

The site includes a wild life area and a visitor centre. From the autumn they will be running tours. To find out more see