Suffolk Outperforms Other Counties in Tackling Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is one of the last taboos. These days, we chat, blog and tweet about almost every aspect of our lives but it is  hard for victims of domestic abuse to speak out and get the protection and help they need.

It was so heartening to hear this week that Suffolk Police, with significant help from SCC, came out well in a recent HMIC inspection that examined how forces deal with domestic abuse and violence.  This was in marked contrast to many other forces in the region, and indeed around the UK as a whole. 

The inspection found: ‘The public in Suffolk can generally have confidence that the police provide a good service to victims of domestic abuse and in doing so, help to keep them safe.’

The county council, which works closely with the police in this area, has statutory responsibility for co-ordinating efforts to reduce domestic abuse across Suffolk.  As part of this role, it hosts the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Partnership,  chaired by my colleague Cllr Jenny Antill. The forum is supported by a small strategic steering group, which is currenty working on setting up a special website for victims of domestic abuse.  The police are active participants in both bodies.  During the inspection the county’s arrangements for partnership-working between the police, local authorities and the voluntary sector were examined and found to be good.  The full report can be found on HMIC website, at