HERAROADCalling all residents of Highpoint Estate:

please come to a public meeting at

Happy Days Nursery at 7pm on Friday 11 April

and bring any evidence you have that you have paid the prison or Home Office for the upkeep of the roads.

I want people to look out their old bank statements, check out their official documents, find any old invoices or receipts to show that they have paid – and bring them to the meeting so we can commpile a dossier of evidence.

 Our MP Matthew Hancock says if we find the evidence he will lead a delegation to see the prisons minister Jeremey Wright.

We need to step up the campaign to get the Ministry of Justice to face up to its obligations and take responsibility for repairing the roads around the estate.  I believe that we should  force the MoJ to admit it is wrong and admit that residents have paid and admit the money was never spent on the roads . I want to see the MoJ to honour its obligations and bring the roads and street lighting around the estate up to scratch.

But, to do all this we need to prove the MoJ is in the wrong. We are asking residents to help us and give us the proof we need to fight their cause. The more evidence we get — the stronger our case is against the MoJ