In my days as a political correspondent, I used to pontificate about the winners and losers in ministerial reshuffles analysing whose career had stalled, whose had plummeted and those very few who had shot to political stardom.

This year, I have been more concerned about the causes and communities that can get overlooked as ministers are hired, fired and retired. I know that ministers expecting to be moved often spend the last few days before a resuhuffle signing off outstanding reports and generally clearing their desks.

One of the surprises of this summer was the promotion of Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright to the Cabinet as Attorney General – sadly before he had time to respond to the meeting he had with a delegation from Highpoint Estate.

Together with Matt Hancock, and retired lawyer David Sykes, we had spent 40 minutes arguing our case that the MoJ has resposibility for fixing

Prisons Minister, Andrew Selous

and looking after the roads around the estate.

We made real progress as we were able to counter what we felt was misinformation offered by the civil servant at the briefing.

However, when Mr Wright’s replacement, Andrew Selous, wrote the follow up letter to Matthew Hancock it was all back to square one. So another meeting was fixed and we set off again to put our case to the Ministry of Justice.

More soon …..