For the first time in years I am off to the Conservative Party Conference. When I last did the rounds of the party conferences, as a political hack, it was the Labour Party that struggled to present a united front and I can’t recall anyone being caught in a tabloid sting texting dodgy photos of themselves. Mind you, I am talking of the days when mobile phones were  the size and weight of a stack of house bricks.

The atmosphere at party conference – any party – any conferece – was always slightly manic – with so much  gossip,  booze and adrenlin swilling aorund.

It will be interesting to see the Conservatives en masse  in these more sober times. Security has changed too – no wandering freely around the main conference hotels any more.

The party leadership will be setting out our stall for the General Election and I am looking forward to hearing how we are going to continue the work to restore our economy from the ravages of LabourWilliam Hague‘s folly; how we are going to fight our national corner in Europe while working with our allies in Europe, NATO and the UN for stability in the world.

This conference sees the last speech as an MP by William Hague to the party faithful  – not to be missed!