You will have heard the reports, seen the news and read the write-ups of the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. I just want to add the best bits I heard and remembered during an inspiring, fascinating, exhausting three days

Mobile companies must do more – and I will make sure that they doSajid Javid about poor respection

Infrasucture is the magic ingredient of growth. If we get the thing like good roads and rail links right, then great things will happen  – Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin

You don’t set the poor free by paying them; you set them free by educating themLord Digby Jones quoting Gladstone

Welfare makes up a third of our spending. We pend £100m on welfare on people of working age  – Chancellor George Osborne

But I know that the misuse of stop and search is still a real problem. So if those numbers do not keep falling, if stop and search does not become more targeted, if the stop-to-arrest ratios do not improve, we will legislate to make those things happen. Because I am determined to make sure that nobody should ever be stopped and searched because of the colour of their skin. Home Secretary Theresa May

and again on Islamic extremists

Those extremists are dangerous but they are a small minority. We know the overwhelming majority of British people want to be free. Free from danger. Free from fear. Free from prejudice. Free from discrimination. Free to practise their religion. Free to observe their cultures and traditions. Free to dress as they like. Free to be educated as they choose. Free to work where they wish. Free to live with whom they love. Free to raise their families as they see fit. Free to get on with their lives.

We must not become a society where these things are no longer possible. We must confront segregation and sectarianism. We must face down extremism in all its forms. We must stand up for our values. Because, in the end, as they have done before, those values, our British values, will win the day, and we will prevail.