Suffolk county council is launching a major campaign to improve mobile phone reception across the county – and I am joining the taskforce.

This is an issue about which I feel very strongly Reception is so rotten where I live in the village of Stansfield that neither my own Orange phone or my county council issue O2 Blackberry work at home. Local businesses and residents regularly have probems because customers, clients, visitors, delivery drivers can not call to check directions or to advise if they are running late.

I have already taken up the request from SCC leader Mark Bee to chair a cross party group of councillors representing those areas which will be in the final 5% to receive better broadband. As poor broadband and rotten reception are the twin blights on many rural areas it is great to join the high level task force. I am really looking forward to joining forces with the likes of Therese Coffey MP and EADT editor Terry Hunt so that we can campaign for change.