Suffolk County Council is supporting the new  national campaign – THINK! – think485x275 urging drivers to take more care on our rural roads.

In Britain 60% of road fatalities occur on country roads, and new research shows that many more drivers are needlessly putting themselves at risk of an accident. This is partly because if people are injured it can take longer for the emergency services to reach them but it is also because people drive too fast on roads where there can be all sorts of hazards just around the corner.

Supporting the government’s new THINK! Campaign, Suffolk Roadsafe partnership is hosting video scenarios on their website, showing how country roads can be full of unexpected hazards, such as slow moving farm vehicles, horse riders and cyclists.

A large portion of Suffolk’s road network consists of rural roads, therefore it is important to raise awareness of the dangers that can face drivers if they are not careful.

There has been an overall decline in collisions on rural roads in Suffolk since 2004. In order to prevent fatalities and accidents the THINK! campaign urges drivers using country roads to: read the road ahead and anticipate potential hazards; drive at a speed that allows you to stop in the distance you can see is clear; stay in control and give yourself time to react by braking before a bend; give cyclists and horse riders plenty of space when overtaking.

As my colleague, former driving instructor Peter Beer, says in our discussions on speed limits – the speed limit is not a target speed, it is the maximum and the driver should drive to the conditions of the road.

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