I am possibly missing the point with the enthusiasm of the Lib Dems and Labour for the introduction of  the so called mansion tax…But I can’t help thinking: why on earth would anybody want to go to all the effort and expense of defining and refining a new tax measure when the mechanism already exists and pretty much works ok? Surely if they are so desperate to tax people living in expensive homes they could simply re-assess and revise the Council Tax  bands which were fixed in 1991 and have been unchanged ever since?

Silly me, that would be way too sensible and efficient.

The Mansion Tax scheme is all about political posturing. Of course what its protagonists want to do is strike a pose and Mansion Tax sounds so much more Robin Hood – taking from the rich and giving to the poor  –  than ahem … ‘revising council tax bands’ which let’s face it sounds dreary and municipal.