A new service, designed to make recycling even easier, will go live this week with Suffolk residents being given the chance to recycle even more at home. The new enhanced household recycling service means that residents can now put their food and drink cartons, aerosol cans, books and metal pots, pans and trays into their recycling bin.

From today these new materials are being collected alongside the usual items; paper, card, cans, foil and plastic bottles, tubs and trays. Residents can even recycle textiles in their recycling bin as long as they are in the special bags provided by the council.

Residents are also being asked to make sure their recycling is clean, dry and loose when placed in their recycling bins. This helps to ensure the materials are easily separated when they arrive at the sorting facility.

 A leaflet explaining the new service will be delivered to all homes countywide from the 3rd November. In addition, residents can learn more next week by watching the campaign video or by visiting