Having your home flooded is surely one of the most unpleasant experiences any householder can suffer: your property is polluted by foul water, carpets, rugs and furniture are ruined; your prized possessions are damaged salvage; you are in many cases forced into temporary accomodation for months and, of course, your insurance premiums are penalised as a result.floodCABG04U0

Homes across the area were flooded in the torrential rains in February. For months residents have been desperate to make sure remedial actions are taken before this winter to prevent the risk of their homes being inundated again.

I spent yesterday out and about with Steven Halls from the county’s flooding team looking at problems across Hundon, Cowlinge and Wickhambrook.

In some cases all that is needed is for landowners to do the right thing as riparian owners and clear their ditches while in others the causes are more complex

There have been problems along Lower Road, Hundon for years whenever there is heavy rain and we are turning this month’s parish council meeting on 19 November into a flooding summit. I have invited guests from the county council’s flooding and highways teams and a senior manager from Anglia Water – lets hope that at last we make real progress