DSC02711We had a positive and productive meeting in Hundon yesterday with the residents who have suffered flooding in their homes three times this year, parish councillors, Steven Halls from the county’s flooding team, a team from Anglian Water – and me.

Anglian Water heard in detail about just how disgusting, upsetting and unpleasant it is to have your home flooded with sewage water and the misery for local residents when it rains heavily and the manhole on Clare Road lifts spewing forth sewage, sanitary products and lavatory paper across the road, verges and people’s gardens.

  • As a result they have undertaken to install return valves for the homes that have been flooded this year

  • AW is also going to clear the culvert under the driveway to the treatment works –

  • AW and SCC are going to work together to find out how and why so much surface water ends up in the foul water system causing the flooding

The plan is to meet up again in the New Year to review progress and catch up on what has been achieved