Suffolk’s new online highways fault reporting tool is now up and working. The county council has designed and introduced the new system to make it easier and quicker to report highways faults. It operates with an interactive map so you can plot the exact location of the fault, the most important bit of information for the engineers. Coloured pins also highlight where defects have already been reported in order to avoid duplication and to show updates to the report.

I am encouraging all my parish councils to use it … and having just had a look at the interactive map it would seem quite a few parish councillors have been busy logging faults. Once you have used the system for the first time it remebers your name and contact details so you dont have repeat the rigmarole each time.


highways-reporting-tool-keyThe new highways reporting tool, which also allows photos to be uploaded, can be accessed via tablets and mobiles. This means you can report faults ‘on the go’ and these will be recorded and actioned straight away, improving the experience for the customer.

Once a new report has been added to the system, it is instantly sent to the relevant technician or engineer. Where a customer has provided an email address, automated email updates are also sent out to them to show how the report is being progressed.

The highways reporting tool covers the areas that make up the majority of customer reports, including maintenance, road safety and traffic management. It should not be used for reporting emergencies and an alternative emergency phone number is clearly provided. Similarly, if an issue is raised that is not the responsibility of the county council, the customer will be provided with the necessary information so they can contact the relevant body.

The new highways reporting tool is available via the county council’s website or directly at