Superfast Broadband is well on target to reach more than 85% of Suffolk premises – homes and businesses – by the end of 2015 and this week alone we have seen new cabinets powered up and working in Wickhambrook and Cavendish.

The cabinets are at Thorns Corner in Wickhambrook and Pentlow Drive, Cavendish. It is extremely important, once the infrastructure is in place, that as many residents and businesses as possible sign up with their providers to start enjoying the benefits of all that comes with superfast broadband. Suffolk is one of the very few areas of the country to reach more than 20% sign up in the communities which have superfast broadband. Reaching this threshold triggers a payback from BT which we will invest in rolling out the project further across the county. We are hoping to get about £2m in clawback this year alone!


By the end of this month,  Suffolk County Council’s broadband project will have reached 75,000 premises since its launch in late 2012

There are no plans to stop once 85% of the county is covered.  We want all residential properties and business premises to benefit from superfast broadband.  Therefore, as a  starting point, we are committed to ensuring everybody can access at least 2Mbps speeds by the end of this year.  Further details of this scheme will be announced later this year.

2Mbps speeds is certainly not our long term ambition, rather it is an interim solution to help people with the lowest speeds while the fibre rollout proceeds.  We are committed to getting superfast, futureproof fibre to everyone in Suffolk as quickly as we can. We have demonstrated our commitment to this by being the first UK county to commit further funding to agree a contract to get to at least 95% connected by late 2017. The detailed rollout plan for this second tranche of upgrades will be available in October this year.briadbdn

Please note, if the Suffolk Broadband website says there are no current plans for an area, the residents and business can be assured that the council is working on it, with the next announcement due in October this year, and with an ongoing commitment to get to 100% coverage of superfast broadband as soon as possible.