In the reorganisation of Conservative councillors at SCC, following our leadership election, I have been appointed to chair the Scrutiny Committee.

I am sorry to leave highways, as I hate to drop something when it has not been finished. Although we had made progress there is still a great deal of work to do to get the delivery of highways services In Suffolk working as efficiently and as effectively as they should do

However, for a hack like me, it is a wonderful role: a licence to be nosey, ask lots of questions and hold people to account. I had my first briefing with officers today as I will be chairing my first meeting on Thursday. Hitting the ground running, I am attending the annual conference of the Centre for Public Scrutiny on Tuesday/Wednesday.

I got the round robin email tonight from the organisers of this summer’s Holt Festival and noted that one of their guest speakers in Margaret Hodge – a true role model for anyone chairing a scrutiny committee!

Looks like  I am going to have to perfect my finger wagging!Margaret Hodge