I  undertook the toughest challenge of my life two weeks ago with three friends from west Suffolk. Not for nothing did we call ourselves ‘Team Bonkers’ as we signed up to walk the London-Brighton 100K challenge – which is billed as one of the UK’s greatest endurance events.

My team mates, Jane Ballard, Lucie Riches, Leigh Sage and I have raised thousands of pounds for charity  – my total, in aid of St Nicholas Hospice is now over £1,500.

striding up to the finish line on Brighton Racecourse, footsore, weary but very, very chuffed!
striding up to the finish line on Brighton Racecourse, footsore, weary but very, very chuffed!

As Leigh said the blisters will soon fade but the memory of our achievement will live with us for ever. To be honest, the blisters havent faded yet. I bashed up my right foot quite badly but it is getting better and I managed to wear proper shoes a few days ago.

When Lucie first suggested the walk it did seem like a bonkers and impossible challenge, but it also sounded fun.

On second thoughts maybe I shouldnt admit that!

Lucie Leigh and I all walk our dogs each day and Jane and Leigh have done the Coast to Coast and Stour Valley walks but this was so very much tougher with more hills than Suffolk, no sleep, difficult country tracks to negotiate during the night stages and countless really high stiles to clamber over

We took 31 hours to walk the 62 miles route, setting off from Old Deer Park, Richmond at 6.40am on Saturday and striding up the final furlong of Brighton racecourse to the finish just after 2pm on Sunday

We walked to raise money for three different charities: Lucie in aid of Sarcoma UK; Jane, manager of the Suffolk West Citizens Advice Bureau was raising money for CAB while Leigh and I were supporting St Nicholas Hospice.

It was a great feeling to walk together as a team across the finish line. We gave ourselves the official name of Stansfield Striders but as the enormity of the task dawned upon us we soon took on the nickname of Team bonkers. Donations are still coming in so we don’t yet have final totals. The support we have had from family, friends and colleagues has been amazing

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