A hard hitting campaign is being launched in Suffolk to keep younger drivers safe on our roads – and it comes at a time when we have seen several deaths in recent weeks on our county highways, each one is such terrible tragedy for the families concerned.

Anything any of us can do to alert motorists, especially younger, inexperienced drivers, to the vital need to take greater care has to be welcomed

 The Honest Truth campaign is being launched by the Suffolk Roadsafe Partnership and aims to encourage young drivers to think about the consequences of potentially careless behaviour behind the wheel.

In the last five years 14 young people aged between 17-19 were killed on Suffolk’s roads and 175 suffered serious injuries. The campaign will be delivered directly to young drivers by Approved Driving Instructors.

The Suffolk Roadsafe Partnership is encouraging instructors to sign up to the campaign by running information events and providing them with materials to share with their students to educate them on the potential dangers of careless and irresponsible driving. The campaign was originally developed in Devon to reduce anti-social driving and the number of young people killed or seriously injured on the roads and has since been used across several areas of the UK.

Awareness events have taken place in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds with Approved Driving Instructors where they had a chance to learn more about the Honest Truth campaign and collect free resources for them to use when teaching their students. So far 26 Approved Driving Instructors have signed up to the campaign. A further event in Lowestoft is also planned in June. For more information on the Honest Truth campaign please visit: